Green Development is devoted to preserving farmland, reducing water and air pollution, increasing energy security, and creating local jobs. Since 2009, the company has been instrumental in transforming the energy mix in Rhode Island to clean, reliable energy. Green has developed more than 215 MW in solar and wind capacity, with additional projects in development.


Increasing Energy Security

Rhode Island currently imports the majority of its energy resources. Approximately 91% of those resources come from natural gas produced out of state, the highest percentage of any state, and the cost of these resources increases in times of short supply. Green Development is committed to helping Rhode Island produce its own power from renewable sources, to establish a reliable and sustainable energy supply.

Lowering Carbon Emissions

Renewable energy solutions have a positive and measurable impact on our environment. Our solar and wind projects produce no carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas that is linked to atmospheric warming. Green Development’s current solar and wind projects offset over 147,975 metric tons of CO2 each year, equivilent to the CO2 generation of 16,650,729 gallons of gas or the annual carbon squestered by 175,119 acres of forest!

Preserving Farmland in RI

When Green Development builds renewable energy projects on the properties of local farmers and large landowners, they receive lease revenue.  Farmers are able to continue farming their land, and large landowners are able to maintain open space. We lease only a portion of the property for the renewable energy energy project, providing income and financial flexibility for our farmers and their families.

Boosting Local Economies

Green Development’s renewable energy solutions deliver significant energy savings to towns, cities, and non-profit entities at a fixed low rate, via Rhode Island’s virtual net metering program. Our current installed projects will save Rhode Island government entities and non-profits approximately $85 million over 25 years! Green Development’s wind and solar projects also create local jobs for project managers, engineers, business development professionals, equipment operators, technicians, and many more roles.


Green Development is passionate about transforming and diversifying Rhode Island’s energy portfolio. We partner with our clients to provide renewable energy solutions that are best for their specific needs. Our hands-on approach to each project – along with our expertise in financial and legislative requirements, supply chain, logistics, technological advancements, and project management – enables us to meet the evolving needs of clients and partners throughout the process.