The renewable energy project is set to move forward and all lawsuits have been dropped.

Coventry, RI – The Town of Coventry and Green Development, LLC announced today that they have successfully mediated their differences out of court and both parties are pleased to be moving forward. The announcement will allow Green to develop its proposed solar project in western Coventry and the Town will receive $802,000. All claims and lawsuits instigated by either party have been dropped.

“On behalf of the Town of Coventry, I’m pleased to report we have resolved all ongoing disputes with Green Development without the costly burden of going to court. The settlement is fair for all parties and it allows the town to move forward and secure a new revenue stream along the way,” said Kerry McGee, Coventry’s town council president. “I want to thank retired Chief Justice Frank Williams, who mediated this process and everyone on the Green Development side of the table for negotiating in good faith.”

“I am very pleased to be putting the past in the rearview mirror and I want to thank everyone involved in the mediation process for resolving our disputes with the Town of Coventry. I particularly want to thank Chief Justice Williams, and the representatives of Coventry who saw the value of mediation and moving forward. We now have an opportunity to be true partners with Coventry, develop meaningful renewable energy projects and bring much needed revenue to the town’s coffers during these challenging times,” said Mark DePasquale, founder of Green Development.

Per the settlement agreement, Green Development will pay the Town of Coventry $802,000 and in return the town will not oppose the permitting of Green’s solar project. The agreement includes a mutual understanding by each party not to sue or participate in future litigation.

The project involved in the mediation is a 3.75 MW AC solar farm on rural land in western Coventry. The project is both well screened and set back from any roads or abutters.  The area will be a dual use facility, combining both a solar development and traditional farming, and will serve as a prototype for future dual use renewable energy and farming projects.

“This is a fresh start for everyone and my team I look forward to working with Coventry officials to get this project completed,” added DePasquale. “Despite the many disputes between the parties prior to the settlement, Green acknowledges that the town and its staff acted appropriately.”

“The project must still go through a detailed and thorough review by the town planner and other town officials. All permitting has been and will be conducted in a professional and timely manner with our statutes and ordinances as the guide. We will fully embrace all elements of this agreement and are glad to be able to secure a major financial boost for the town,” added McGee.

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